The Clement Canopy Site Plan Layout

Update: Clement Canopy is sold out. Consider the Continuum Condo.

If you like the site design and landscaping here, this is to let you know that UOL will be launching another new condominium called the Continuum condo, for sale. However, instead of in the west, the Continuum condo launch will be in the east side of Singapore.

It will be located along both sides of Thiam Siew Avenue, off Tanjong Katong Road, in District 15. So the Continuum condo will actually occupy two plots of land separated by a lane, and joined by an overhead link between the two.

Given UOL Development’s track record for its Masterpiece homes, the Continuum condo will likely excel again in design, and especially in landscaping. The Continuum condo floor plans and site plan are available if you are interested.

Just head over to the site and register your interest, and we will be glad to send you the Continuum condo floor floor plans and other details including pricing. The Continuum showflat is available for viewing by appointment too.


The Clement Canopy site plan is designed around 2 main themes: a) a Living Breathing Home interwoven with nature, and b) maximum privacy and views.

It has two 40 storey residential towers, oriented in a generally North-South direction, and staggered so that they do not face each other directly, but look out to surrounding views. In fact, south-facing units from the 25th to 40th floors will likely get sea views.

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The Clement Canopy Site Plan Layout :: Click to Enlarge

The Clement Canopy Site Plan Layout

The site sketches out its “forest” theme with multi-layered decks, pools overlooking pools, pools running around trees & plants, pools around the lounges & pavilions, all swimmable.

    01. Arrival
    02. Chill Out Deck
    03. Canopy Lounge
    04. Hanging Cocoons
    05. Kids’ Play Pool
    06. Family Pool
    07. Island Pool
    08. Bubble Pool
    09. Aqua Gym
    10. Waterfall Spa
    11. Wellness Deck
    12. Dining Pavilion
    13. Entertainment Room
    14. Reading Lounge
    15. Study Room
    16. Spa Bed
    17. Pool Lounge
    18. Private Dining
    19. Forest Deck
    20. Gym
    21. Lap Pool
    22. Lap Pool Deck
    23. Poolside Grill
    24. Cabana
    25. Pool
    26. Pool Decks
    27. Kids’ Playground
    28. Fitness Corner
    29. Garden Grill
    30. Swing Garden
    32. Foot Reflexology Path
    32. Putting Green
    33. Pavilions
    34. Waterfall Pods
    35. Canopy Grill
    36. Tennis Court


The Clement Canopy Site Plan Layout · Design

The Clement Canopy site plan layout is an intriguingly organic design, layered on different levels, with a waterfall and series of meandering pools. There are only 2 blocks, so much of the grounds has been given over to landscaping and facilities.

The landscaping takes its inspiration from nature. Like walking through a lush green forest. Part of the canopy even rises above the architecture. The experience is immersive and fills the senses.

UOL places a lot of emphasis on creating beautifully designed landscapes and facilities for their various projects. Which is one reason they are labelled “Masterpieces”.

And it is what sets projects like these apart from the normal mass market condo.

The Clement Canopy Site Plan PoolArtist’s Impression · The Clement Canopy Site Plan Pool


See the Developer Track Record or Location for related information.



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Update: Clement Canopy is completely sold out. Thanks for coming by.